Catherine Faherty is a talented, creative, down-to-earth, and effective speaker and trainer. Her audiences leave inspired and fulfilled, taking away a generous collection of practical ideas.

Her presentations range from 90 minutes to half-days, full-days, and multiple-day seminars. Catherine Faherty is available locally, regionally, and internationally. Contact to discuss your seminar ideas for teachers, therapists, families, and autistic audiences.

Catherine Faherty’s topics include:

  • Understanding autism learning styles
  • Basics of visually structured teaching strategies (aka TEACCH ® strategies)
Drawing by Jade McWilliams, featured in Autism…What Does It Mean To Me? by Catherine Faherty
  • Advanced understanding – expanded practice of visual structure
  • Social Stories™ Workshops (authorized by Carol Gray)
  • Know Thyself: Self-knowledge and autism
  • Communication: Teaching self-initiation and self-advocacy for all ages and types
  • Communication in relationships between autistic and non-autistic people
  • Essentials of communication and self-advocacy
  • Developing self-advocacy and self-determination
  • Current research on happiness – Implications for the autism community
  • How to talk about “difficult-to-talk-about” topics (divorce, illness, death & dying
  • Professionals and parents working together in partnership
  • Exploration about friendship and autism
  • Catherine has worked in the autism community since the 1980’s, and she continues to enjoy learning every day and sharing what she is learning. Contact Catherine Faherty to find out what she is working on now.