Catherine coaches’ adults on the spectrum together with their non-autistic communication partners (spouses, siblings, friends, parents) to modify ways of communicating – on both sides – to improve mutual understanding. Catherine Faherty asks us to think of ourselves as “communication partners.” She promotes a subtle but essential fact that the autistic style of communicating is different from – not inferior nor superior to – the widespread, more familiar communication style that most non-autistic teachers, therapists, parents, co-workers, friends, peers, and neighbors expect. Catherine proposes that we make “new agreements” about how to communicate; and consequently, how to interact in a more respectful and authentic manner for all involved. She suggests using a simple “contract for communication” Learn more…

  • Catherine coaches’ adults on the spectrum seeking support with communication and self-advocacy in their daily life, at work, in the neighborhood and community.
  • Catherine coaches’ adults on the spectrum seeking support developing and using organizational strategies for time management, household organizing, planning, and scheduling.
This photo depicts one stage in the process of developing a time management system, in the home of an adult.

LOCATION: Coaching by Catherine Faherty is typically available in the Asheville NC, USA area only. May be possible to arrange coaching by Skype or other long-distance technology. Please inquire if interested.