FAQ About Catherine Faherty’s Mentoring

About mentoring in general:

In some countries, finding a mentor is customary for teachers and therapists in their early years of practice. They typically seek out and ask an experienced professional to be their mentor – someone whom they have heard about or have attended their lecture or seminar – someone whom they want to engage in a learning relationship with.

How does a person prepare for the sessions?

During our first meeting, I will ask you to share with me what your goals are – what you want to get out of the mentoring relationship. If you aren’t sure – no worries – I can help you identify your needs and goals.

Our sessions will revolve around where you are, currently, in your understanding, goals, teaching, relationships with clients or patients, and practice in general. Mentoring sessions with me result in concrete, specific, and practical suggestions, and are grounded in deepening your understanding gained from the combination of my mentoring and your experience.

It is helpful to take a few minutes to prepare prior to the sessions by making a list of the things that you want to discuss, and/or questions you may have.

You can use mentoring to help you expand your understanding and relationships in your work with your students or clients if you are committed to the learning process. It is work, fun, and inspiring! I will help you use your strengths and skills and introduce new and fresh ways of looking at situations.

How and when are the mentoring sessions?

The sessions are via Skype, Facetime, or another on-line technology, and scheduled at a time that is convenient for both of us, keeping the difference in our time zones in mind. Depending on your needs and our schedules, they can be scheduled once per week, once every other week, or once per month. Often the scheduling is flexible – we can schedule from one time to the next and can conclude at any point in time.

How much time for each session?

The sessions are usually 60 minutes, however from time to time, they may last up to 90 minutes. Typically, the first session is longer so there is enough time to meet each other, and for me to know you and to best understand your needs. Occasionally, a session lasts two hours, however that is rare.

How much does it cost?

Contact me at catherine@catherinefaherty.com to discuss your situation and for the affordable fee schedule.