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full-cover NOT-FOR-PRINT (2014,03-27)

Revised 2nd Edition! 

Contains information for older readers, expanded content, and a new chapter on happiness. Available through the publisher: Future Horizons, on Amazon, or by request at your favorite independent bookstore.

Aspergers Book Cover

Asperger's…What Does It Mean to Me?  (The original 2000 edition. Over 45,000 copies have been sold. It has been updated and expanded, and published in 2014, under the title of Autism...What Does It Mean To Me?) The Spanish edition is still available!

This original workbook explaining was groundbreaking! It (and now it's 2nd edition - see above) featured a wealth of structured teaching strategies, and provides workbook pages for verbal/reading children or youth to help build self-knowledge, self-understanding, and self-esteem. It also serves as an introduction and self-advocacy tool by providing an in-depth personal resource for others (family members, teachers, friends, and therapists) to better understand him or her. The first half of each chapter are workbook pages for the child or youth, and the other half is practical help for the adult - parents, teachers, therapists. Cick here to read parent/teacher reviews, read the Table of Contents, and look inside the book. 


This popular resource is a classic in autism and has been translated into 9 languages, including the still- available Spanish translation: Asperger...Que Significa para mi? (Hacer clic aquí para mas información en español.) 

Parents write about Asperger's...What Does It Mean To Me?

I bought two of these--my son and we spent several months doing the workbook together and I gave the other one to his school. Whenever anyone asks what Asperger book they should get, this is at the top of my list.       

 ...We decided to wait until she was 9 to share her diagnosis with her. We used this workbook to explain to her about Asperger's and she loves completing the worksheets and really seems to understand it very well. She was so excited about the book that she took it to school and showed her teacher who also thought it is a great workbook and the school is considering purchasing copies for other students. I would highly recommend this workbook for any child with Asperger's or autism, and for parents to share it with their child. I think it would be most appropriate for children ages 8-13, but could be used for older children as a form of self exploration.

Asperger's...What Does It Mean To Me? 

Asperger...Que Significa para mi? (Hacer clic aquí para mas información en español.) 

The Danish Information and Resource Centre for Autism:  +45 - 4511 4193
Marie Herholdt Jorgensen -

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Norwegian***Newly published in 2016: "Autism...What Does It Mean to Me?"
913 04 375  - Torill Fjaeran-Granum -

Babel Publishing Group:  
+351 213 801 100   Jorge Reis-Sá      

RFA Utbildningscenter Autism:
08 702 05 366  
Carina Petterson

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(See German translation of one of Catherine's articles.)

The Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Kaupintie 16 B, 00440 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 7727713 
 Sirkku Palamaa at


This 2014 Greek edition combines Aspergers...What Does It Mean To Me? AND the book, Communication: What Does It Mean To Me? (below) all in one volume.

Greek cover eksofyllo

Κωστής Χατζησυμεών
Βιβλιοπωλείο Ιπποκράτης
Καμβουνίων 8, 54621,
Τηλ. 2310-285785
Fax. 2310-280287 

Communication  What Does It Mean to Me?  A  Contract for Communication  that will promote understandrger s ... therapists,co-workers,and many more!  Catherine Faherty  9781935274179  Books

Communication: What Does It Mean To Me?

Catherine Faherty asks us to think of ourselves as "communication partners." She promotes a subtle but essential fact that the autistic style of communicating is different from - not inferior nor superior to - the widespread, more familiar communication style that most neurotypical teachers, therapists, parents, co-workers, peers, and neighbors expect. Catherine proposes that we make "new agreements" about how to communicate; and consequently how to interact in a more respectful and authentic manner for all involved. She suggests using a simple "contract for communication" which summarizes these new agreements - one set for individuals with an autistic communication style, and the other set for their NT communication partners. Written for use by verbal individuals within a wide age range - older children, teens, and adults - this book contains a wealth of practical ideas and examples of Communication Forms to help decrease misunderstandings and increase authentic mutual understanding. Learn more...

 Read an article by Catherine Faherty about the book's contents.

German translation available!  Go to 

Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach about Life  An Interactive Guide for Individualsger s and their Loved Ones  Catherine Faherty,Gary B Mesibov PH.D.  9781932565560  Books

Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life:
An Interactive Guide for Individuals with Autism or Asperger's and Their Loved Ones

2009 Autism Society of America Outstanding Literary Work of the Year Family/Social Division!

"Trish's review": This is an impressive book, both in its scope and its presentation of sensitive topics in a clear and direct manner. Even if you are not ready to delve into all of the topics in the book, just the first couple of chapters are great for teaching an individual how to tell if they might be sick or injured and why it is important to communicate with a trusted person about what is going on in your body. There is also a fantastic chapter about communication that can apply to many situations outside of the scenarios involving illness or death... 

There really is so much in this book that is about how we live as much as about how we die....a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to discuss these topics with someone with an autism spectrum disorder. The book is written mostly in question and answer format, with Communication Forms after each topic...Read more...  

Greek: Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life 

Catherine Faherty’s books in Greek

This autism-friendly, easy-to-use book has been translated into Greek: Katanoisi tou Thanatou kai tis Arrostias kai ti Didaskoun gia ti Zoi, by Stefanos Bellos and edited by Vaya Papageorgiou.

For more information and to order this book, go to the website: and then search Faherty.  To get a close look at the beautiful Greek book cover and to read more in Greek, click here and then enlarge the image to read the back cover.

Swedish: Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life
This autism-friendly, easy-to-use book has been translated into Swedish.
RFA Utbildningscenter Autism: 08 702 05 366  Carina Petterson


Readers have told me that when they first see the illustrations in this book, they are immediately awed by the spirit; the incredible depth and sensitivity shown in these drawings for the subject matter. The artist is Thomas Johnson, who years ago as a young child worked diligently to draw over 70 magical pencil sketches illustrating the book, Asperger's...What Does It Mean To Me?   

Now, Thomas' stunning pen and ink full-page drawings are compelling features in Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life. The original book cover was pulled from his illustration in Chapter 3.  Below is a sampling of four of the illustrations, reduced in size. You can find a few more throughout this website. Please do not copy or use for any purpose. You may contact me with inquiries.


The full-size illustration is featured in the chapter on "Putting Pets To Sleep"


                                            The full-size illustration is featured in the chapter on "Recuperating and Healing"


This piece is featured in the chapter on "Illness and Injury." 


             This piece is featured in the chapter "When Someone is Dying"

Sixteen more of Thomas's pen and ink full-page pieces are featured in the book "Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life."

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