Thomas Johnson IllustrationCatherine Faherty mentors professionals new to the field of autism, and those who are looking to deepen their understanding and practice at any stage in their career.  Available locally, nationally and internationally through online technology.

What should I expect in a mentoring relationship with  Catherine Faherty? Read more FAQ’s about her mentoring.

Thomas Johnson’s pen and ink drawing shown above is featured in Catherine Faherty’s book, Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life. This book was named the 2009 Autism Society of America’s Best Book Award

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An occupational therapist in Cyprus writes…

I had the fortune to be trained by Catherine in a TEACCH training program in Athens, Greece. I was amazed by her sensitivity, knowledge, and respect for people with autism. Because of me living in Cyprus and her in the States I never imagined that I would have another chance to learn from her. She eliminated the kilometers when she offered mentoring sessions online. So my dream came true; I keep learning from her, her unique way of thinking and approaching each situation. When I am in a difficult situation, or when I need confirmation that I am doing okay, we discuss it until it is clear. I think it is not easy for someone to describe Catherine but one thing I know for sure, she is always willling and enthusiastic to share her knowledge and experience, so that each session is so very valuable.

Kristia Christou, Cyprus

A mother writes…

Over the years, Catherine has advocated for improved access and coached individuals in learning how to effectively self-advocate, and to help build and maintain their own support systems.

A woman writes…

Catherine and her books have been vital in helping me to understand myself and live better. She does this not only with her wonderful insights and pragmatic solutions, but by her total embracing of differences. I am always touched by her compassion. Knowing that respects autism, and doesn’t view it as wrong, helps me to accept and respect who I am. She has helped me to form self-knowledge into a foundation for self-advocacy.”