10 Guidelines for Telling Your Child about ASD

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, a highly controversial topic of conversation amongst parents and professionals was the question, “Should we tell our child that she has autism?”

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Today most will agree that such self-knowledge is essential, that children need to understand how and why they may feel different from others around them…and what it means. In the absence of accurate information, all sorts of wrong conclusions may automatically fill in the gaps, which negatively affects a person’s self-knowledge. Now the question has changed to “How do I tell my child that she is on the spectrum?” I have developed these guidelines in the years since 1990 when I first tried to explain autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to a 10-year-old boy, one of my former students. The method must be autism-friendly! These ideas are visually clear and orderly, and features the familiar process of sorting concrete pieces of information into two categories. more “10 Guidelines for Telling Your Child about ASD”

Understanding Friends

A program to educate children about differences; to foster empathy and mutual understanding; with the option of supporting self-expression/self-advocacy by children on the spectrum.

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Understanding Friends is designed to be presented to classes of students in the elementary and middle grades. Adaptations can be made for older classes. This article contains lesson plans and a list of supplies that you will need. After presenting this program in all its revisions, to thousands of students since 1985, I have found that usually it is most effective to go beyond the generic program (Option A) and to discuss specific issues, giving accurate information about real students in concrete situations. Options B and C will help you with this. Option D suggests ways to include the student with ASD in the presentation of this program, if so desired by the student. more “Understanding Friends”

Social Stories™ Describing Life! (Athens, Greece)

Faherty & ΣΑΤΕΑ Board Memberσs2017February 25-26, 2017. Catherine Faherty provides training in Social Stories for members of SATEA, a society of public school special education teachers. This special 2-day seminar is organized and sponsored by the Association of Graduates of the Departments of Special Education,  ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΑΠΟΦΟΙΤΩΝ ΤΜΗΜΑΤΩΝ ΕΙΔΙΚΗΣ ΑΓΩΓΗΣ,  ΣΑΤΕΑ, an organization of public school special education teachers in Greece, to provide continuing education and training  for public school special education teachers. This seminar includes lectures and interactive discussion with Catherine Faherty.  Presentations will be given in English, with simultaneous translation in Greek.

NOTE: This seminar is exclusively for SATEA members. If you are not a public school special education teacher/member of SATEA, you can register for Social Story training with Proseggisi who is offering Social Stories training in Athens with Catherine Faherty, in December 2017.

TEACCH Fundamentals (Athens, Greece)

November 11-13, 2016 in Athens, Greece, Catherine Faherty, TEACCH Certified Advanced Consultant, provides training in the foundational theory and strategies of Structured TEACCHing. For more information or to register, please contact Proseggisi, a Speech and Language clinic, Special Education and training provider based in Athens, Greece. Presentations will be given in English, with simultaneous translation in Greek.