Catherine Faherty provides key note speeches, conference presentations, one-, two-, and three-day workshops,  Social StoriesTM workshops, selected TEACCH trainings, her own trainings in Structured Teaching, and is skilled in designing presentations to meet your needs

- She can teach you how to present her popular Understanding Friends program to classrooms. 

- She can develop and provide workshops, seminars, and interactive discussions in autism-respectful ways for audiences of autistic adults on various topics of their choice. 

- Her presentations and workshops educate professionals and family members about the significant, underlying learning style and sensory differences in autism, and offer practical strategies for creating truly inclusive, respectful, and autism-respectful relationships and environments. 

- Scroll down this page for more information on Nurturing Resilience in Children (dealing with tragedy, public and private). She offers presentations about the current research on Happiness and how to use this practical information to help your students and family members.  

- Catherine continually updates and expands her presentations and workshops. 

If there is a topic that you would like for her to consider, you are welcome to contact Catherine.

Specialized Audiences
Catherine provides presentations and trainings for specialized audiences, besides educational professionals, parents, and autistic adults. She creates and provides presentations for professional groups typically unfamiliar with autism from a neurodiversity perspective. Examples are her seminar for chiropractors, trainings for parents and professionals talking about "difficult-to-talk-about" subjects such as death and dying, for a range of professional societies, and presentations for the general public.

Range of Topics

Catherine Faherty, autism speaker

Catherine speaks on a variety of topics, including autistic learning styles; visually-structured teaching, organizational strategies, communication; supporting self-advocacy skills; and nurturing social comfort for all ages and ability levels.

In addition to helping professionals and families understand the learning style differences and respective educational strategies, her specialty topics include supporting the development of self-knowledge and self-advocacy; the education of peers; and improved communication between the ASD individuals and their non-spectrum family members, peers, teachers, therapists, and co-workers. She provides presentations to both neurotypical and autistic audience members, offering helpful effective and autism-respectful information and practical strategies for everyone.

Nurturing Resilience in Children: During Times of Societal & Family Tragedies and Difficult-to-Talk-About Life Events, including Death and Dying.  
Co-presenters, Catherine Faherty and Alberto Breccia LCSW, former Hospice medical counselor and child/teen therapist; announce a brand new offering for professionals and parents.  This groundbreaking inservice - among the first of its kind -  is geared for teachers, school counselors, therapists, hospice workers, parents and others working, caring for, or living with children and teens, including those on the autism spectrum. This seminar will help professionals working with all children and teens.  Click here for more information. Contact Catherine if you are interested. Check Catherine's Speaking and Training Schedule to see when this is being offered in December 2016 and January 2017.

Social StoriesTM Workshops
Catherine Faherty is one of a select team of  professionals world-wide authorized by Carol Gray to provide training in Social StoriesTMAlong with her work in the US, Catherine specializes in providing Social Story trainings abroad. 

TEACCH Trainings & Structured Teaching Training
Catherine, long-time TEACCH teacher and therapist, provides authorized TEACCH trainings: one, two, or three day courses*. Catherine played an integral role in developing and expanding well-known TEACCH strategies throughout her 27 year relationship with the TEACCH program in North Carolina, first as a classroom teacher who created a model TEACCH classroom, and then as an autism specialist at the Asheville TEACCH Center, in Asheville, NC. She initiated the development of several TEACCH training models and her expertise includes "all things TEACCH." Catherine is a TEACCH Certified Advanced Consultant. She provides training in all aspects of Structured Teaching.

*Requests for authorized TEACCH trainings by Catherine must be approved by the TEACCH Program. If interested, contact Catherine

Understanding Friends Program

This program can be presented to individual classrooms, individualized for early elementary through upper grades, and for staff meetings and parent groups. Catherine is happy to teach professionals and parents about how to present this program. Read more about Understanding Friends here.

Click HERE for a sampling of Catherine's current speaking schedule.

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